Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial College, Ghorasahan

( A Constituent Unit of BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur )

Infrastructure And Learning Resources


About Infrastructure And Learning Resources

4.1 Physical Facilities 4.1.1 What is the policy of the Institution for creation and enhancement of infrastructure that facilitate effective teaching and learning?
The Management of the institution is always willing to provide the best infrastructure for effective teaching learning process. For creation and enhancement of infrastructure, suggestions from the staff and students are collected and forwarded to IQAC and requisitions are obtained from different HODs. Principal puts forward various requisitions to the Managing Committee. The Institution Managing Committee in consultation with the Principal discusses the requirements/suggestions obtained from different stakeholders and makes decision for creation and enhancement of infrastructure of the institution on the basis of some parameters like availability of funds, time, manpower, priority of need etc.

4.1.2 Detail the facilities available for

a) Curricular and co-curricular activities – classrooms, technology enabled learning spaces, seminar halls, tutorial spaces, laboratories, botanical garden, Animal house, specialized facilities and equipment for teaching, learning and research etc.

  • The institution has excellent infrastructure and learning resources which has been designed for the all-round development of the institution .The institution campus is spread over four acres of land.
  • There are adequate lecture halls (classrooms) and laboratories for UG classes. The class rooms are spacious and well furnished. In all there are twelve departments. There is a Computer Center, Language Lab and a Network Resource Centre which are well stocked with the necessary equipment.
  • The students and staffs have free access to internet
  • The e-granthalaya and INFLUBNET facility are also available
    for the students and staffs

b) Extra –curricular activities – sports, outdoor and
indoor games, gymnasium, auditorium, NSS, NCC, cultural
activities, Public speaking, communication skills development,
yoga, health and hygiene etc.

The institution extends equal importance to learning outside the
class-room. We have facilities for such activities.
Indoor Games: For recreation of the students,
facilities to play Carom, Chess, etc., are Provided.

Seminar Hall is used for extracurricular activities, for interactions such as debate, essay writing, quiz competitions, workshops and other socio-cultural activities. Seminar Hall is also used for Personality Development Programmes, Career Guidance Programmes, NSS activities, and Parents- Teachers meetings.

Outdoor Games: Sports: – Play ground is available for outdoor games like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Basketball etc. in institution campus.

NSS: Various socially relevant services are provided by NSS volunteers like organizing Blood Donation Camp, awareness rallies as regular activities throughout the year and various guest lecturers of eminent personalities and village reform programmes through annual special camps.

Gymnasium:- Not Available.

Cultural Activities: The institution has carved out a special niche for itself in the field of extracurricular and cultural activities. The institution has been regularly participating in the inter collegiate youth festivals and competitions. The students have been participating with full fervor and zeal in all activities inside the institution.

Public Speaking and Communication Skill Development: Personality development programmes are organized by the Entry in Services Cell of the institution which includes programmes like public speaking, interview technique, Group Discussion and communication skill development.

Health and Hygiene: In addition to above mentioned activities, our institution has a very special concern for the health and hygiene of the students and staff. Proper arrangement of drinking water is available in the institution campus at two different locations. Services of part-time doctors are available who visit the institution as and when required. First Aid Box is also available in the institution campus. The institution has a tie – up with the local hospitals in emergency needs.

4.1.3 How does the institution plan and ensure that the available infrastructure is in line with its academic growth and is optimally utilized? Give specific examples of the facilities developed/augmented and the amount spent during the last four years (Enclose the Master Plan of the Institution / campus and indicate the existing physical infrastructure and the future planned expansions if any).

The available infrastructure of the institution is in line with its academic growth. The institution ensures optimal utilization of its infrastructure for the various ongoing programmes. The class rooms are optimally used for the teaching learning process.
Remedial classes and tutorials are conducted after the regular class time and on holidays. Practical classes are conducted in the respective laboratories. Workshops, conferences, seminars, guest lectures, group discussions etc. are held in the seminar hall. Cultural functions like annual Gathering conducted in the court yard of the Institution.

The Governing Body of the Institution reviews its reserve fund and if necessary, makes arrangement to arrange more funds.

4.1.4 How does the institution ensure that the
facilities meet the requirements of students with physical

    • The institution tries its level best to accommodate them on
      the ground floor.
    • The library is situated on the ground floor.
    • The staffs and other students are always there to assist
    • During examination sitting arrangement is made on the ground
      floor and in the front row.
    • Ramp facility is available.

4.1.5 Give details on the residential facility and
various provisions available within them:

College not provide residential facility to Staff and

4.1.6 What are the provisions made available to students and staff in terms of health care on the campus and off the campus?

The institution is equipped with a first aid medical kit to look into health related problems of the students at the primary level. Services of local physicians are available as and when necessary. Besides, arrangements are made with the local hospital for the treatment of students in case of emergency.


Give details of the Common Facilities available on the
campus –spaces for special units like IQAC, Grievance
Redressal unit, Women’s Cell, Counselling and Career
Guidance, Placement Unit, Health Centre, Canteen,
recreational spaces for staff and students, safe drinking
water facility, auditorium, etc.

The institution has clearly marked space for the common facilities available on the campus. These facilities include IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell), Grievance Redress Cell, Women’s Studies and Service Centre, Entry in Services Centre, Canteen, recreational spaces for staff and students, safe drinking water facility etc. Name of the cell is prominently displayed outside the room.

  • Library as a Learning Resource


  • Does the library have an Advisory Committee? Specify the composition of such a committee. What significant initiatives have been implemented by the committee to render the library, student/user friendly?


The library has an Advisory Committee which looks into the various aspects of the management of the library. The members are generally selected from the faculty. The composition of the library advisory committee changes from time to time. The Library Advisory Committee advises on the purchase of books, journals, magazines newspapers, software etc. Many significant initiatives, as advised by the library committee, have been implemented by the library of the institution to render the library student friendly, such as library automation, internet facility to the users, etc.


  • Provide details of the following:


§ Total area of the library (in Sq. Mts.): 150
§ Total seating capacity: 32  


  • Working hours (on working days, on holidays, before examination days, during examination days, during vacation)
On working days 06 hrs. (10:00a.m.04:00 p.m.)
On holidays   As per need
Before examination days 6 hrs
During examination days 2 hrs
During Vacation   06 hrs
  • Layout of the library (individual reading carrels, lounge area for browsing and relaxed reading, IT zone for accessing e-resources)
  • How does the library ensure purchase and use of current titles, print and e-journals and other reading materials? Specify the amount spent on procuring new books,

journals and e-resources during the last four years.

We have a Library Advisory Committee which advises on the purchase of books, e-journals and other print materials. The library committee updates the stock of the books and examines the requirements forwarded by the departments time to time. Based on the need, the committee recommends purchase of books including number of copies required the cost involved.

Library Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4
holdings No. Cost No. Cost No. Cost No. Cost
Text books 295 2.5 200 1 lac 105 21218 165 1.25
Reference 105 75000 73 30105 65 23425 84 64415
Journals/ 01 350 01 415 2 800 4 1520


Any other (specify)

  • Provide details on the ICT and other tools deployed to provide maximum access to the library collection?


  • OPAC – Yes


  • Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals – Yes


  • Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple databases – No


  • Library Website – Yes


  • In-house/remote access to e-publications – No


  • Library automation – Yes


  • Total number of computers for public access – 06


  • Total numbers of printers for public access – 01


  • Internet band width/ speed (GB) 10mbps


  • Institutional Repository – No


  • Content management system for e-learning – Yes


Participation in Resource sharing networks/consortia (like Inflibnet) – Applied

  • Provide details on the following items:


  • Average number of walk-ins – 15


  • Average number of books issued/returned – 28


  • Ratio of library books to students enrolled 6:25


  • Average number of books added during last three years – 2842


  • Average number of login to opac (OPAC) – 03


  • Average number of login to e-resources – 02


  • Average number of e-resources downloaded/printed 03


  • Number of information literacy trainings organized 02 Details of weeding out of books and other materials
  • Give details of the specialized services provided by the library


  • Manuscripts – No


  • Reference – No


  • Reprography – No


  • ILL (Inter Library Loan Service) – No


Information   deployment   and   notification   (Information   Deployment   and

  • Notification) – No


  • Download – No


  • Printing – No


  • Reading list/ Bibliography compilation – No


  • In-house/remote access to e-resources – Yes


  • User Orientation and awareness – Yes


  • Assistance in searching Databases – Yes INFLIBNET/IUC facilities – Applied


  • Enumerate on the support provided by the Library staff to the students and teachers of the college.


  • Almost all the requisite facilities to the students and teachers are provided by the institution library staff. It provides the information about the new arrivals and latest subscription of books by displaying on the library notice board which helps the students and faculty to know the newly procured books and journals in a particular subject in a particular year. A list of all new arrivals is also circulated to concerned HODs through the library staff.


  • The library staff keeps the library noise free so that serious studies could be carried out in the library. The staff provides the list of catalogues of various publishers to teachers so that new and relevant books can be purchased for the


  • What are the special facilities offered by the library to the visually/physically challenged persons? Give details.


We have provided a room on the ground floor for visually/physically challenged persons where they get the required assistance from the library staff.


  • Does the library get the feedback from its users? If yes, how is it analyzed and used for improving the library services. (What strategies are deployed by the Library to

collect feedback from users? How is the feedback analyzed and used for further

improvement of the library services?)

The library gets the feedback from its users occasionally. The Library Advisory Committee has been given the task of analyzing the library feedback forms regularly. Based on the analysis of the feedback forms, the library services are improved further.

  • IT Infrastructure


  • Give details on the computing facility available (hardware and software) at the institution.


  • Number of computers with Configuration – 10


  • Computer-student ratio –


  • Stand alone facility –


  • LAN facility – Yes


  • Wifi facility – Yes


  • Licensed software – Yes


  • Number of nodes/ computers with Internet facility – Yes


  • Any other
  • Detail on the computer and internet facility made available to the faculty and students on the campus and off-campus?


The Institution has provided Internet Resource Centre in the central library for all the teachers and the students in the institution. Also Administrative Office, Library and Hostels have been given adequate number of computers. The students are given computer facility with internet through Wi-Fi technology in the premises.


  • What are the institutional plans and strategies for deploying and upgrading the IT infrastructure and associated facilities?


The institution has been able to weed out the obsolete systems and replace the same with high end dual core hardware. In order to ensure ICT enabled learning activities the institution plans to improve the computer student ratio. We also plan to purchase more number of LCD projectors and computers.


  • Provide details on the provision made in the annual budget for procurement, upgradation, deployment and maintenance of the computers and their accessories in the institution (Year wise for last four years)


There is no provision in this university to create annual budget.  The institution makes

provisions  in  the  maintenance  of  the  computers  and  their  accessories  as  and  whe required.

  • How does the institution facilitate extensive use of ICT resources including development and use of computer-aided teaching/ learning materials by its staff and students?

All the Science departments are equipped with internet enabled computers. The teachers use the ICT resources for preparation of teaching/learning materials in their respective departments occasionally. Network Resource Centre and library is thrown open to faculty members for the preparation of teaching- learning materials.

  • Elaborate giving suitable examples on how the learning activities and technologies deployed (access to on-line teaching-learning resources, independent learning, ICT enabled classrooms/learning spaces etc.) by the institution place the student at the centre of teaching-learning process and render the role of a facilitator for the teacher.

Information and communication technology (ICT) has become a major factor in shaping the new global economy and thereby producing rapid process of changes in the society. Using ICT enabled education as a tool for quality education has been the motive of the institution. ICT enabled education has a positive impact on teachers and learners. ICT gives rise to new digital skills and competence that are needed for education, training and self-development and employment. Computer-based technology has brought a new and powerful tool for teaching Microsoft PowerPoint. It enables users to create a series of slides on a computer which may then be projected in the class room using LCD projector. These interactive technologies save time and make teaching learning process more interactive and fruitful. Our faculty use ICT technology for teaching as and when required.


  • Does the Institution avail of the National Knowledge Network connectivity directly or through the affiliating university? If so, what are the services availed of?


It is in the process.




  • Maintenance of Campus Facilities


  • How does the institution ensure optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial resources for maintenance and upkeep of the following facilities (substantiate your statements by providing details of budget allocated during last four years)?

The college ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial resources for maintenance and upkeep of the following facilities by regular meetings of IQAC, Building Committee and HOD committee.

Item 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
Budget Actual Budget Actual Budget Actual Budget Actual
Building 1112656 1112656 1884911 1884911
& 1650000 1650000 450000 450000
350000 350000 100000 100000 250000 250000
40500 40500 25000 25000
Total 1153156 1153156 3884911 3884911 125000 125000 700000 700000
  • What are the institutional mechanisms for maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure, facilities and equipment of the college?


The institution has a well developed maintenance system which takes care of maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure facilities and equipment. The institution has appointed technical staff for upkeep and maintenance of premises regularly. The institution provides fund for maintenance and minor repairs of furniture and equipments.


  • How and with what frequency does the institute take up calibration and other precision measures for the equipment/ instruments?


Annual maintenance and restoration of the infrastructure is taken care of by the institution in a systematic manner. Regular maintenance is carried out by the staff appointed for cleaning and maintenance of the building. The laboratory equipment is maintained by the institution. The computers and electronic devices are maintained and repaired by Annual Maintains.


  • What are the major steps taken for location, upkeep and maintenance of sensitive equipment (voltage fluctuations, constant supply of water etc.)?


We have work arrangements with local service providers to service, calibrate and repair the lab equipments time to time.

Any other relevant information regarding Infrastructure and Learning Resources which the college would like to include.